My Story

I’m a Brooklyn native. I left for college then moved to South Africa, then Louisville, then Providence - before finally returning home. My first creative language was poetry, and the biography of my work is a narrative of poetic reclamation. Which is to say, I write in verse. I believe our respective rhythms and word choices reveal as much about who we are and where we’re coming from as our actions and life choices do, and this belief is reflected in my work.

I spend a lot of time thinking about Perspective. About the inherent limitations of any single lens – the Western one in particular. I write about women trying to locate themselves in the world, in their own respective realities.

The atmospheres and narratives I’ve observed and experienced at home and abroad remain with me and have led to my practice as a playwright today, which is mostly locally based but remains focused on creating a space where change can be effected.

Questions I'm Asking:

How can “issues” be lyrically and compellingly portrayed without any preaching or finger-wagging? How can a piece of theater compel its audience to act? How can theory be staged in a way that's engaging, legitimately theatrical, and not tiresome/didactic?