My Story

My first creative language was poetry, and the biography of my work is a narrative of poetic reclamation. Which is to say I write with as much attention to punctuation, line breaks and internal rhyme and rhythm as to character development or story structure. I write in verse. It’s just how it comes out.

I spend a lot of time thinking about Perspective. About the inherent limitations of any single lens – the Western one in particular. 

The atmospheres and narratives I’ve observed and experienced at home and abroad remain with me and have led to my practice as a playwright today, which is more locally based but remains focused on creating a space where change can be effected.

Questions I'm Asking:

How can “issues” be lyrically and compellingly portrayed without any preaching or finger-wagging? How can a piece of theater compel its audience to act? How can theory be staged in a way that's engaging, legitimately theatrical, and not tiresome/didactic?